Meet Sandie

Hi, I’m Sandie

I am so glad you stopped by to check out my website and learn a bit more about me.

I don't want to bore you with a long story of how I've been taking photos since I was 15 or that I completed a Diploma in Photography. But rather, I want you to know who your photographer really is.

I am a wife to a 3rd generation farmer.(Stan the man) Mother to our two beautiful daughters, who are my best friends. And for 23 years I have called the Noosa Hinterland home and absolutely LOVE IT.

When I am not out and about with my camera, you will find me puttering around my garden or out in the paddock with our fur babies. For relaxation I love long beach walks or going on a hike somewhere in the mountains. I am also a bit of a travel nut, so my passport and suitcase is always packed and ready for a new adventure.

I am a lover of chocolate and pretty much anything Italian. Throw in a glass of Rosé and I am as happy as a pig in mud.

I do have a bit of a mixed up accent. Blame that on growing up in South Africa and then learning to speak with a Canadian twang, after living in Alberta for almost 14 years. However, I have lived in Australia longer than even my birth country and I am so proud to call myself an Aussie.

Photography has always been a creative outlet for me. Whether I am photographing professionally or just for fun. I often get asked if I get tired of doing wedding photography........'Heck No!" I still get butterflies every time I show up to a wedding. There is just something so magical in capturing a real-life fairytale.

I love what I do and I hope I get the chance to capture your story.

So now you know a little more about me, now it's your turn, I want to know about YOU! Let's catch up over a cuppa (or a cocktail) and see how we can make magic together.



Contact Sandie:

0423 314 792

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